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The Truth about Lottery Systems

Author: vcochrane  |  Category: Gambling & Casinos
Published: March 6, 2009

If you believe the hype-ridden advertisements that you might come across in the media, lottery systems offer the key to lifelong riches. All you have to do – the headlines will tell you – is use the specific lottery system that the advert is offering, and wait for your jackpot win to roll in. Unfortunately, winning a million or two just isn’t that simple. If it were, lotteries would soon lose their appeal because jackpots would be shared between hundreds, if not thousands of winners every week.

Of course, lottery systems can never guarantee to win you a jackpot because the numbers you choose can never alter the odds of any one of your tickets winning. For example, the odds of winning the UK Lottery are 1 in 13,983,816 – and this fact won’t change regardless of whether you play selections made by a lottery system or if you purchase a straightforward lucky dip of random numbers.

Having said all of that, using lottery systems can increase your enjoyment of lottery games, and that’s because systems require more involvement than simply ticking a few boxes on your play slips. If you like the idea of selecting your numbers using systematic theories, here are some ideas to get you started:

Play Hot & Cold: Hot numbers are those that have been drawn most often, and cold numbers are those that have been drawn least often. It can be an interesting exercise to keep track of how often numbers are drawn, and then play the hottest three and the coldest three in any game that requires you to make six selections in total. Of course, if you want to decrease the chances of you having to share the jackpot with others if you do happen to win, it might be a good idea to use only a couple of hot and cold numbers and then choose the rest at random.

Try Wheeling: This is a system that involves buying several tickets and entering your numbers in such a way that you are certain to get a known result. For example, you could cover all 49 lottery numbers with nine tickets and be sure to get all six when the draw takes place. What you won’t know is whether or not those six numbers will all appear on a single jackpot-winning ticket!

Play Sections: A third simple lottery system that many people like to experiment with involves playing different sections of lottery numbers. For example, you could make a note of the colours of the balls that haven’t been drawn for a while and take your selections from those colours. Alternatively, you could focus on groups of lottery numbers that have been absent for a few draws, such as the teens or forties.

One might argue that the simplest of all lottery systems is to buy more tickets and hope for the best. If you did that, your odds of winning would be just as good as someone using a more elaborate system of playing the same number of tickets. Either way, whether it is choosing numbers based on instinct or from researching lottery statistics to discover the best theory, you are sure to enjoy yourself more from choosing the system which most appeals to you personally.

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Author: vcochrane

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