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The ultimate adventure on a desert safari in Rajasthan

Author: Erco Travels  |  Category: Vacations
Published: February 21, 2011

The Great Indian Desert of Thar in Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful deserts found in the world. Bordered by the irrigated plains to the west, Aravali range to the south east, Rann of Kachch to the south and Punjab plain to the north and north east, this desert has been formed by the scant rainfall and dry winds blowing over the area over a large period of time. Any traveler visiting Rajasthan definitely goes on a desert safari without which the tour to this royal state is incomplete. The most preferred way of traveling around this region is Rajasthan Camel Safari which promises an unparalleled fun filled memorable experience. These tours include folk music, dances, lunches and dinner in the desert which is carried out with the help of local residents who reside in the two most enchanting villages of Katariasar and Deshnoke adjacent to the desert.

The golden backdrop of sparkling sand fills one with the exoticism and mystery of the desert which is spread miles and miles undiscovered. Otherwise too the landscape of Rajasthan is home to the magnificent varieties of hilltops, deep forests, rural countryside and dry vegetation of cacti and shrubs. Safari on the desert ship is a thrilling experience as well with the deadly height of the camel riding on the delicate surface of sand. The limp of the camel adds to the fun of camel ride. A saddle is mounted on the camel’s hump, which provides a comfortable seating arrangement for two people. The reins are also fastened to the nose peg of camel so the animals can be steered easily letting you enjoy a calm desert safari in Rajasthan.

In the arid regions of desert, hardly one finds any human habitation due to hot and dry weather conditions but unexpected group of women appear and disappear in their colorful attires fetching water or firewood or one can spot a herd of sheep or goats tended by a boy. The rhythmic pace of camel and tickling bells on its neck provide a beautiful solace away from the cacophony of cities. The nights in desert are cold as the heat absorbed by sand is reflected back into the atmosphere at night which renders the traveler an exposure to both the extreme weather conditions in one day at a same place. Camping at night huddled around a tiny bonfire under the sky of stars and listening to the silence of desert or the camel drivers’ fairy tales is unimaginably romantic. These safaris can be enjoyed on elephants, horses, jeeps, motorbikes etc and range from just one day to several ones which a tourist can choose from depending on budget, schedule, and needs.

Enroute desert safari, the national park is an excellent place to witness the rich fauna. The Sudashri forest is the most perfect place to observe Rajasthan Wildlife Tourwhere less than 20% of the park consist sand dunes, also rocks, pavements and salt lake bottoms. Blackbucks, chinkara, wolf, Indian fox, desert cat, hare etc can be spotted here. Birds such as Great Indian bustard, grey partridge, Bee-eaters frequent this park. The cities of Jaisalmer and Bikaner offer the best experience for desert safaris. Thesedesert safaris would be the most memorable experiences a traveler would experience in the state of Rajasthan.

Author: Erco Travels

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