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The Vacation Market

Author: lionelwayne12  |  Category: Vacations
Published: June 2, 2008

In this day and age there are actually a wide range of vacation possibilities. Cruises, adventure vacations, specialty vacations, are all just a few of the many options that are available. The difficulty arises when you want to take a vacation with your whole family. One person going on a trip can often get a special deal. Even two people can travel and receive substantial discounts on packaged vacations. Families on the other hand have no such luck. It is assumed that families have children and that children are noisy.

Resorts often use children as an excuse to charge premium prices on the grounds that they need to have special services available to cater to the specific requirements of the children. Some resorts actually do go to great lengths and substantial costs to accommodate these young guests. They may have daycare facilities, children’s programs, perhaps even special menus to better serve those kids that are picky eaters (like me when I was 5).

These last few years have seen massive changes in the vacation market. There are new options available for families that wish to vacation together that do not require huge infusions of cash. It’s a new market and it represents a complete shift in the way we think about our vacation time.

The timeshares, all inclusive resorts, and villa rentals now have to compete with destination clubs, exchange programs, points programs, a wholesale vacation market, and what is now a hugely competitive cottage rental real-estate market. Did you know you can actually rent a cottage and get it as an “all inclusive” package? This was not possible 10 years ago but it is now.

The important thing about planning and having a family vacation is to be prepared and always keep in mind the following:

  • What happens if you are hurt while on vacation? Is there liability coverage in the unlikely event that it is needed?
  • Is your booking or rental guaranteed to be available?
  • What happens if you are not happy with the place? Refunds?
  • What are the hidden costs (groceries, boats, or things that are not covered in the basic rental agreement?

So long as you keep these simple questions in mind you should have a fun and happy vacation. Enjoy your vacation and spend the time with your family and your friends and make sure that you get your well deserved break from work. Enjoy!

Author: lionelwayne12

Lionel Wayne is an Industrial Engineer and is certified as a Master Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. He has interests in: computers, music, writing, and travel and operates these sites: http://www.musicmediaentertainmentgroup.com - Music Protection & Promotion http://www.lastminutefamilyvacationrentalnetwork.com – Vacation Rentals (MLM) http://www.discountshippingstorageandlogisticsnetwork.com - Dispatch Systems http://www.reciprocallinksource.com - Internet Marketing and reciprocal linking

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