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Tips On Choosing The Right Bird Food For Summer Birds

Author: mark b  |  Category: Business
Published: June 30, 2010

Having a bird as pet in your home is an overwhelming experience. More so when you are very close to birds and animals. Like animals birds are also of different species, thus of different shapes, sizes and colors. Whatever be their species, they all need proper nutritional diet to spend a healthy life. When in wild, these birds get their food from nature and its sources like herbs and shrubs. But for the pet birds, the idea is not always same. Now you as a bird owner must be thinking that what would be a healthy and right bird food for your pet?

The answer is simple, providing foods that is rich in all nutritional supplements is ideal for all bird types. The bird has to be fed with the optimum diet required for its healthy growth. So what is that optimum diet and how lies the difference between wild bird food and pet bird food? According to the experts all seed only diet is good for pet birds while the foods that are green and rich in nutritional supplements are good for both wild and pet bird species. Generally the seed foods lack important nutrients required for birds like Vitamin A and C but are rich in fat contents. Because of this the seeds has to be adjusted with one tenth of the diet.

However there are some bird species like the Budgies and Cockatoos that are innate seed eaters and can consume about one quarter of the seed as part of their overall diet. So if you have pet a parrot then try to provide only those foods to your bird that can keep it healthily and a ever happy companion for you. Some people like to feed the wild birds with the foods of their choice. So if you have a garden where you like to provide your bird with vagaries of foods then options are ample for you. The common ones include Mixed Seed, Sunflower Hearts/Seeds, Niger (Thistle) Seed, Mealworms, Peanuts, Fat/Energy Balls, Suet Blocks & Pellets, Multi-Buy Bird Food/Feeders. These are basically the garden bird food that you can keep in your garden.

For many, year round bird feeding is a favorite past time. The birders that provide the summer feeding stations can attract more birds than their cold weather counterparts. However the number of birds attracted from that food is comparatively less. This summer food will also attract variety of migratory birds adding color and diversity to the the warm weather feeding stations. Of all these, one of the most common summer bird food is sugar water nectar for almost all bird types. As this makes them feel the taste of flower nectar which is favorite bird delight during summers.

In summer you can feed your bird with the live and fresh food. In this way the summer feeding will provide you a unique and enjoyable experience.

Author: mark b

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