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Top 5 Unique Ideas to Decorate Kids Rooms

Author: arjun352  |  Category: Business
Published: October 29, 2010

Looking to decorate your kid’s room? Check out these top 5 ideas to decorate kids rooms and you will be sure to fill your house with both great ambience and happy children. Using decorative wall stickers, kids wallpapers and other baby wall decor, you can make a child’s room as much of a style statement as the rest of the house – without compromising on that little touch of magic we all know a good child’s room should have.

First up, why not go animal themed? Animal shapes and colours can be very familiar and comforting to younger children. There are some wonderful kids room decor stickers you can use to bring a bit of natural beauty to your child’s room. Choose from a whole circus procession of elephants, giraffes, monkeys and other jungle favourites. Or bring in a touch of magic with a swarm of beautiful butterflies.

Decorative wall stickers are good for decorating in any theme you care to choose. Every child has a favourite thing, so the second tip is to use that to bring some decorative elements into the room. How about kids wallpapers with a fun train motif – or baby wall decor that takes little minds off on an adventure with fleets of magical balloons?

Colours are another excellent way to theme your kids room decor. You are, after all, choosing ways to segue the decoration of the child’s room with your own style and the style you have chosen for your home as a whole. Our third tip: take your own colour schemes and run them through to your child’s room, but with a nice fantasy twist – like the bright red three little owls decorative wall stickers available from sites like Kidsen (a children’s style site that is perfect for most of your kids wallpapers and baby wall decor ideas). Continuing the colour schemes and styles you have chosen for the rest of your home means that your child’s room starts to feel like a smaller part of a larger whole – subliminally, you are sending a healthy message to your child, a message that both acknowledges the different needs of your child and his or her room, and explicitly makes him or her a part of the whole family, in the same way that the room is a part of the whole house.

Fourth – use a single motif to direct your decoration rather than trying to cram too much into things. There is a terrible temptation with kids room decor to throw all sorts of conflicting things at the room: because children like to be stimulated, logic dictates that filling their room full of stuff will help them grow. Actually, using decorative wall stickers, kids wallpapers or baby wall decor that has too many influences in it can be pretty bad for a child: imagine if you had to sleep in a room where hundreds of different things were vying for your attention. It’s no wonder some kids actually suffer from over stimulation and have difficulty switching off! It’s much better to provide gentle, comforting stimulation that you get with single motif designs.

Finally: have fun. Chances are if you’ve had fun decorating then your child will have fun using the room. Give yourself a bit of imaginative rein, become a child again for a day – and your kids room will look and feel just right.

Author: arjun352

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