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Wellco Boots – just what your feet would choose to wear

Author: SAP64  |  Category: Product Reviews
Published: February 17, 2011

If your feet could talk and were given a choice of boots then they may very well choose Wellco boots.

Why would your feet choose Wellco boots? One reason is they look incredibly stylish. Whilst style isn’t particularly important in a work boot it’s always good to have. Your feet would also choose Wellco because they are incredibly good quality and above all else supremely comfortable. Your feet would almost certainly choose something comfortable above something that looked good and was uncomfortable. We often underestimate comfort when choosing footwear but we really shouldn’t

So what makes Wellco boots so desirable? First it’s about design and manufacture, designs that come into being around durability and comfort. The manufacturing part involves using the best materials and the most up to date manufacturing processes available. The making of a good boot starts quite literally from the ground up at the sole, a good cushioning and shock absorbent sole is the best. Next would be how the sole is actually attached to the upper. It could be moulded or stitched onto it and the method would be determined by what conditions the boot is to be used for.

The uppers of a Wellco boots are very important and they could be full grain, good quality leather or suede or composites of leather and nylon. The addition of nylon to any boot upper gives breath-ability and lightness. Wellco consider everything you might need from a good boot and build it in ensuring you get exactly what you pay for and that is quality. Wellco not only want you to experience their great boots once, they want you to buy from them again and again. Once you experience the comfort and performance a Wellco boots offers you, buying from them again is a certainty.

I don’t know about you but I go back to brands I know I can trust to deliver the comfort and performance I want. Wellco boots deliver on all levels and they continue to make advances in manufacturing and design. If you can have good styling, high performance boots that are extremely comfortable then wouldn’t you choose the brand that gave you that. It’s easy to choose footwear on price alone in these tough financial times but it can be a false economy not only financially but in the comfort stakes as well. Wellco boots can be found at discounted prices and even at full cost price, you may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable they are.

One thing I would say is if you rely on boots for your work as a law enforcement officer or a first responder, then you know durability and comfort are the most basic of requirements. If you do need comfort then what price would you put on that? It’s always advisable to buy the best your budget will allow and with Wellco boots you will get the best footwear at incredible prices. Wellco boots come in a large range of styles, colours and prices so you will find boots to fit your specific personal requirements. Let your feet decide for you and they will walk you towards Wellco boots.

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Author: SAP64

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