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What Exactly Is A Loadbank And What Are Its Applications?

Author: articlenic  |  Category: Business
Published: March 18, 2011

A loadbank is the piece of equipment that produces an electrical load that’s applied to an electric power source, the energy from which may be used to test or support the power source. Although different load banks make use of the very same principal of operation, their applications can differ. Four frequently used kinds of load banks are: resistive, inductive, capacitive, and electronic load banks. Down below, we provide a quick summary of each type and its general arena of application.

1. Resistive Functions

A resistive loadbank is usually accustomed to providing equal loading capacity for a machine and its engine, which means the same amount of power that the load bank applies to the machine, the machine then applies to its engine. Inside a resistive arrangement, equal amounts of energy are removed from a whole operating system. For instance, the quantity of energy removed from a machine’s fuel through its engine will then be removed from its engine through the load bank. Resistive loading is often designed to test emergency power generators.

2. Inductive Functions

An inductive load bank is usually said to create a “lagging load,” an expression that refers to its use of a reactive element in conjunction with a resistive load bank to make a load that’s 75 percent of the total kW resistive load. Due to their ability to simulate the mixture of energy necessary for numerous building elements, inductive loads in many cases are used for full power system testing, as well as for distinct examination of power generators, voltage regulation equipment, along with power transfer switches.

3. Capacitive Capabilities

Capacitive loads act like inductive ones when it comes to power rating and purpose of application, with the basic difference being that capacitive loading creates the first power factor load, producing a heightened power factor that is advantageous for testing systems that experience non-linear power loads, such as computer facilities or telecommunications companies.

4. Electronic Functions

Electronic loads provide constant power whose delivery can be programmed to arrive at certain destinations but not others, which makes it an excellent option for testing particular circuits, which could be useful in high voltage circuit breaker upkeep.

Power Generator Services That Will Address Loadbanks

To choose the best type of equipment for any operation, consulting with a provider of emergency industrial power services and equipment is a sensible choice, as loads are commonly used to deliver the function of critical emergency equipment such as circuit breakers, generators, and transfer switches. Along with delivering load banks to general facilities, industrial energy services who supply power equipment likewise supply load banks for power generators. According to a high supplier of emergency electrical power products, diesel powered generators that don’t perform at 30 % or more than their nameplate rating load during tests should have their EPSS tested yearly using an artificial load.

While preparing to write this article, I learned a lot about generator services and switchgear maintenance at PrimePower.com.

Author: articlenic

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