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Which Is Best: Desktop Or Laptop?

Author: vcochrane  |  Category: Hardware
Published: January 24, 2009

So which would you prefer – a desktop or a laptop? The chances are that you have one or other type of computer already. However, if you are thinking of changing, you should consider the pros and cons carefully before you make your final decision. It’s not as easy as simply picking the one which has all the features you need and sells for the best price.

Firstly, you need to think about how mobile you are. If you only use your computer occasionally, perhaps to play games or go online, then a desktop will probably suit you far better than a laptop. And since they are very often obtainable much more cheaply, you will save money too.

But if you are currently using a desktop and you are thinking of upgrading, think about how happy you are with your existing situation. Is your desktop sitting on a tiny computer desk under the stairs? Do you feel isolated from the rest of the house when you are online?

This is the main drawback to having a desktop machine – it limits you to being in one place. And you also need to allocate a dedicated space for it to sit. That will work fine if you have a home office or a portion of a room that you can set aside for this purpose. But if you find it is getting in the way, you might want to seriously think about a laptop instead.

Let’s face it, laptops can be zipped up into their bags and put away behind the sofa or in the cupboard when not in use. And that can be a real advantage in a home where space is an issue. The main benefit of a laptop is mobility. If you want to sit on the sofa and watch television while you are typing up that report, or even surfing the internet, you can do – a desktop doesn’t offer the same versatility.

Once you have a decent laptop bag to go with your machine, you can also take it away on holiday with you, or on business trips or similar outings. Even if you don’t go online with it, if the laptop is powerful enough you can use it as a DVD player to watch films on.

If you decide to go for a laptop, make sure you get wireless broadband to give you ultimate mobility. A wireless router will mean that you can move around your home and still get internet access regardless of where you are.

So you see, there are plenty of things to consider before you make that all important purchase; but ensure to choose the one which offers the right solution for you.

Victoria Cochrane writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

Author: vcochrane

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