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Windows 8 – The Operating System For Business

Author: PravinGanore  |  Category: Internet Business
Published: September 28, 2011

Inspired by the success of Windows 7, Microsoft is counting on the successful promotion of the next version of Windows. There are signs that this may be business-oriented environment, as well as Windows 2000.

When Microsoft released Windows 2000, in principle, it has been successful in the corporate world, but few end users (except for a few advanced user) to keep this system at home on their machines. Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Millenium were focused on the average user. Ten years later, rumors and hints suggest that the developers of Windows 8 will go on a business-oriented way.

Analysts who specialize in operating systems research, including Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, and tend to the business orientation of the new operating system. Virtual machine (VM) have become key components of platforms for the data center and products such as Microsoft Win8 and System Center.

We know that virtualization (the prerogative of windows web server hosting systems) must be one of the key components of Windows 8. Bernard Ourghanlian, the technical director and head of security at Microsoft France, gave an interview on the site it manager in March 2009th. The third version of Hyper-V will only run on workstations and Windows 8.

Virtualization is certainly one of the most interesting potential features, Windows 8, which would greatly simplify the life of IT developers, business users and opportunities for cloud computing.

If, indeed, virtualization will be included in the new operating system, the new architecture (possibly with the hypervisor – a software component that makes virtualization capabilities) will be such that applications are isolated and not connected in the usual manner with the operating system.

While it is still an ongoing debate about safety systems will be virtual or physical, Ma-Config notes that OS with the hypervisor will be resist to attack with a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip.

Virtualization allows for upgrading without worrying about driver compatibility. In addition, theoretically, users can virtually run other operating systems such as Linux or Mac OS.

Business users will be able to update the virtual machines when they are off, but Windows Update can potentially update and third-party applications. Virtualization allows the use of lightweight operating system, and therefore download time can be significantly reduced.

Windows 8 may be the perfect client for Azure Microsoft platform for cloud computing and cloud web hosting. Azure Microsoft allows enterprises to scale and build complex distributed infrastructures without the need for special physical location. In connection with this virtual server (possibly with Hyper-V) may become much more commonplace

Promoting virtualization, thus, may significantly change the way it works is companies, not ordinary users, although in some sense this is true for them. This new emphasis Microsoft indicates that Windows 8 is positioned as a business operating system, promising a private enterprise benefits of virtualization and cloud computing services is based on conventional equipment, which is an already used for many years.

Of course, all this is largely conjecture, based on rumors and leaks. We will not need to wait for a very long time. Everything indicates that the new Windows 8 will be released by Microsoft in 2012. We will be watching for news.

Author: PravinGanore

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