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Wine Vouchers – The Perfect Gift For Everyone

Author: kristianphllps  |  Category: Wine
Published: December 29, 2008

What do you buy the person who has everything? Clothes? No they probably already have a walk–in wardrobe the size of your house. The latest gadget? No again. Their designer house is most likely to be kitted out with all the latest gizmos on the market, either that or it’s already on order! One of those experience days? Well maybe, but who’s to say they don’t own a racing car or helicopter, or have a personal spa complete with masseuse they use on a more than regular basis. No that’s out too. So you are stuck and most probably cursing your gift recipient for being so damn difficult and making your present buying a living nightmare! Well think outside the box. You need something that is both pleasurable but also useful and that you know is going to tick all their mostly already full boxes.

So what can you buy that they will really enjoy and maybe you can benefit from too? The solution is simple. Something consumable! And it doesn’t come much better than in the form of their, or your, favourite tipple. Jackpot. So are we talking a lone bottle of Champagne, aka sparkling wine plucked from the supermarket shelves? Or a lovely hamper full of things you nor they have ever heard of or will ever eat? Perhaps the most luxurious chocolates you can afford (which will most probably, having eaten the whole box, make them feel sick and curse you for the next three days)? All possible but not really hitting the spot? Then why not opt for something a little different and purchase some wine vouchers?

Satisfying all the senses, sight, smell, sound, touch and most importantly taste, a wine voucher shows both original thinking but also offers your gift recipient something a little different. A present they can tailor to their specific tastes and really enjoy, be it browsing, buying or consuming their gift. And if you are really lucky you might even get to taste the end result too. Great idea we here you cry, but where an earth do I get wine vouchers from. Well at one end of the scale you could always go to your local supermarket and buy a ‘gift card’ writing a little note to say – Merry Christmas, go treat yourself to your favourite bottle of Merlot. Alternatively you could go to a specialist wine outlet and buy an online wine voucher, which would allow your gift recipient to browse a great many wonderful wines and find something more tantalising, (at the same time requiring far less present buying stress than usual).

From a rich Rioja to some cheeky Champagne, wine vouchers enable the intended recipient to go forth and browse to their heart’s content to find their perfect gift. But it doesn’t just have to be something you buy for another. You too could ask for wine vouchers as a present and put the money to good use, using the value to purchase a collection of fantastic wines that will compliment a great dinner party, enable you to host your own wine tasting evening or just provide the perfect end to a busy, stressful day. Naked Wines is a kind of farmer’s market for small wine makers who are producing some of the most exciting wines in the world, but don’t have the financial muscle to get on to the UK supermarket shelves. With a Naked Wines electronic wine voucher, you can give your special someone between ?30 to ?100 worth of some of the finest wines they will ever taste, but may have never discovered. Better still, they’re emailed directly to the recipient as soon as they’re purchased – so no need to worry about postal delays or fighting with the crowds on jam-packed high-streets.

Author: kristianphllps

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