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A Power Generator Services Firm Can Meet Your Emergency Electric Power Requirements

Author: articlenic  |  Category: Business
Published: March 17, 2011

Finding out you need a back up generator is often something you discover the costly way, especially when you really need it for a business. Amid the concerns a company faces daily, the threat of a power blackout to daily business generally isn’t one of these. But when an electrical disruption bathes your office in black, you will remember something you’ve actually needed all along: an emergency back up power generator. Minor power failures are common events for businesses and organizations throughout the world. However when an outage lasts longer than a few hours, you’re looking at losing a nearly a half day of business due to a situation that’s preventable. But you probably have some a few questions before you purchase an electrical generator, starting with which kind of generator is right for your building.

Consulting a Generator Services Business About Your Generator Requirements

Whenever you meet with a generator services company, you’ll discover that the type of generator you need depends upon at least three factors: the actual size of your building, how long you’d like to maintain power in the event of an outage, and, ultimately, whether your business is one that requires uninterrupted power supply or can deal with briefly cutting off from commercial power before accessing generator power. We examine each of these factors below.

1. The Size of your Building

Because commercial generators usually run on natural gas or diesel fuel, their fuel reservoir partially determines their size, with bigger generators commonly appearing within bigger buildings. If your building is small to midsized and most of its electricity goes toward lighting and HVAC support (which is the case with most commercial buildings), just one commercial grade power generator should more than fulfill your need.

2. How Long Would You Like to Sustain Power in Case of an Outage?

Investing in a generator that will supply your company with 16-20 hours of power may be the safest option. If the electric company can’t fix the problem on the first day, you can still conduct business on the second day of an outage. How long your building retains power may ultimately be determined by its electricity needs in relation to a generator’s fuel reservoir. For instance, a sizable, industrial grade generator will keep an average sized hospital in operation for 8 hours. But applying such a generator to a smaller structure could allow for a supply of electricity that lasts more than a week.

3. The Nature of Your Company’s Power Needs

The nature of your building’s power needs will reveal what model of generator you’ll install: one whose transfer switch runs using a break before make basis, by which commercial power is de-accessed before generator power is accessed; or one whose transfer switch operates on a make before break basis, where the opposite occurs. Types of outfits that require make before break are hospitals, data centers, laboratories, and defense organizations, which require uninterrupted power supply because of critical functions.

While preparing to write this article, I learned a lot about transfer switch maintenance and emergency response backup power at PrimePower.com.

Author: articlenic

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