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Emergency Power Services Are Vital to Many Businesses & Organizations

Author: articlenic  |  Category: Business
Published: March 17, 2011

Backup generators are designed to keep buildings supplied with electricity in the event of power outages. But which types of buildings need power generators and which types do not? Theoretically, any kind of public or private building will benefit from having a backup power. However, many buildings take advantage of a backup power supply more than others. Down below, we list a few of these buildings and go over how they profit by having emergency power services install generators.

Six Businesses that Benefit from Having Emergency Power Services Put in Generators

1. Hospitals and Medical Centers

Hospitals and outpatient surgery clinics are an obvious choice for the installation of emergency electric power equipment. Without them, a power outage might lead to extensive deaths in emergency care units, critical care units, and throughout operations. Today’s hospitals and outpatient clinics rely on electricity for most of their treatments and life preserving techniques, making backup generators a definite necessity in a hospital or outpatient surgery clinic.

2. Public Safety Offices

When the power is out in a metropolitan area, its police know to anticipate more crimes. But if the power fails in police department buildings, what would be a difficult situation could become a catastrophe faster than the police could ever handle. Because most police departments do not have heavy electricity needs, a single industrial scale generator usually supplies enough power to last until the electric company handles an outage.

3. Retail Stores

The majority of stores simply just close their doors until a power outage is resolved. But when there is a back up generator, they are able to work while their competition literally remain in the dark. In the event you own or are thinking about starting a retail store, buying a generator could allow you to conduct a complete day’s business instead of a half day of business in case of an electrical outage.

4. Data File Facilities

Data file centers are another obvious choice for the installation of emergency power equipment, as its very function relies heavily on continuous power. Most data centers are very well designed with generators, protecting information that may cause companies and individuals alike severe difficulty if it were lost.

5. Laboratories

Depending on the nature of the work, laboratories often need uninterrupted power to make sure that projects occur as planned. From animal and plant research to situations where pharmaceuticals are now being produced, most laboratories can’t afford to do without a steady supply of electricity.

6. Prisons and Jails

Keeping prisons and jails furnished with electrical power isn’t a matter of keeping inmates’ cells and recreation zones lit; it’s a matter of keeping inmates jailed. Today, most prisons and jails use security systems that are at the very least partly run by electricity, using potent magnetic locks to secure cells as well as other points of passage.

While preparing to write this article, I learned a lot about backup power generation and automatic transfer switch service at PrimePower.com.

Author: articlenic

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