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Article Directory WordPress Plugin

Author: admin  |  Category: Blogging
Published: February 11, 2008

As you know, WordPress is the universal platform, that may be used not only for blog creating, but also for other web-site types.

Once me and my friend have created WordPress build for the article directory, but this build have one essential shortcoming.

To display the list of categories on the main page I had to edit source files of WordPress engine. But it has deprived of possibility to use WordPress as the article directory at release of new versions, because changing of the source codes each time is not reasonable decision.

The idea of creation of universal and convenient instrument for realisation on WordPress the catalogue of articles did not leave me. As a result I have created a Article Directory plugin.

The primary task of this plugin is display on the main page (or any another) the structured list of categories, which can be easily customized with CSS. Also plugin allows authors to publish articles and change their profile bypassing the admin interface.


You can see the demo this site – articlesss.com

Plugin features

Standard features for categories list:

  • Showing an amount of articles in parent and child categories.
  • Showing a category description in link title.
  • Showing the empty categories.
  • Using hierarchy for subcategories.
  • Excluding a specified categories.

Special features for categories list:

  • Simple and handy design using CSS. The structure of categories is the multilevel list, which can be altered easily with CSS, as you need. The parent category have the <div> container to mark it out with CSS as a parent.
  • Parent category is showing amount of articles in subcategories. The character also include the number of articles in this parent category.
  • Showing a specified amount of child categories (2nd level).
  • Showing a categories in specified amount of columns.
  • Hiding all subcategories.
  • Adding an icons for each category in the list using CSS.

Additional features:

  • Authors can add articles and change their profile bypassing the admin interface.
  • Displaying the “Terms of article publication” on article submission page.
  • Excluding the child categories articles from the parent categories archive pages.
  • Ability to get an article source code.

Requires WordPress version: 2.9 – 3.0.4


Article Directory WordPress Plugin

Version: 1.3.0 | Last updated: 2011-01-16


If you enjoy this plugin, you can thank me and leave a small donation.


Attention: if you are using the plugin simultaneously with Article Directory WordPress Theme, miss the 5, 6, 7 and 8.1 points of installation:

  1. Copy the article-directory folder in WordPress plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins/).
  2. Activate the plugin through admin interface.
  3. Activate the “Membership (Anyone can register)” option on the “General Settings” page of admin area.
  4. On the same page select “Author” or “Contributor” in the option “New User Default Role”.
  5. Add the following code in the index.php file of your theme (or in another file in a place, where you want to display the categories list):

    <?php if (function_exists('article_directory')) article_directory(); ?>

  6. Add the following code in a place of your theme (for example, in sidebar.php), where you want to see the authorization form:

    <?php if (function_exists('article_directory_authorization_form')) article_directory_authorization_form(); ?>

  7. Add the following code in the header.php file before the </head> tag:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php bloginfo('wpurl'); ?>/wp-content/plugins/article-directory/author-panel.css" type="text/css" media="screen" />
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php bloginfo('wpurl'); ?>/wp-content/plugins/article-directory/categories.css" type="text/css" media="screen" />

  8. Select a prefered interface for authors in corresponding option at the “Settings → Article Directory” page of admin area. If you have selected the “Author panel”, then follow these subpoints:
    1. Create in directory with your theme a new PHP file, for example author-panel.php and paste the following code in it:

      Template Name: Author panel
      if (function_exists('article_directory_author_panel')) article_directory_author_panel();

    2. Create in admin area a new page and select the template “Author panel” in page attributes. Through this page authors will add new articles and change their profile. Access in admin area for authors will be forbidden.
    3. Specify ID of this page in corresponding option at the “Settings → Article Directory” page of admin area.
  9. That’s all. If it’s necessary, you may customize other options of plugin.


There are two things, that you can customize:

  1. If it’s necessary, you may customize the author-panel.css and categories.css files under the site design.
  2. Customize options on “Settings → Article Directory” page.

How to add icons for parent categories

It’s doing using CSS. You need to add the styles for icons in style.css file of your theme.

Styles should be like this:

#cat-23 {background: url(i/icon.gif) 4px 3px no-repeat}

Here the digit 23 means, what this icon will be added in the 2nd column for the 3rd parent category from the top. Accordingly, it is necessary to create as many of such styles, how many you have parent categories, and specify the corresponding number for each icon.

i/icon.gif – this is the path to an icon file, beginning from a folder with your theme.

4px – icon shift value from the left of the parent category block.
3px – icon shift value from the top of the parent category block.

The plugin also lets you to display the list with the links to categories RSS feeds. To do this you must:

  1. Create a new page template.
  2. Add the following code:

    <?php $rssfeeds=true; ?>
    <?php if (function_exists('article_directory')) article_directory(); ?>

  3. Create a new page in the admin interface and select the created template in page attributes.

FAQ about Article Directory Theme and Plugin

How can I have the outside background (grey stripes) and the border like on this site? How to add a logo in the header before the site title? How can I change the width of the sidebars? How to place a banner in header? Etc.

Sorry, I can't help you with such a questions. Please read and study CSS manuals or find a freelancer that make this things for you.

I have installed your theme "Article Directory", but I don't see the "Register" link on my site.

You need to activate the "Membership (Anyone can register)" option on the "General Settings" page of admin area.

Is there a simple way to quickly add the categories (instead of adding it one by one)?

Yes. You can use the Post Corrector plugin for this.

Is there a version of Article Directory theme just for a regular blog?

Yes. You can get it here - ADSimple WordPress theme.

What should I enter in the "ID of author panel page" in the plugin options? What should that look like?

Go to the "Pages" in admin menu. Hover the mouse cursor on the title of the "Author panel" page you have created. Now look at the status bar of your browser. You'll see something like this:

ID of author panel page

The number after post= is the ID of author panel page.

Is there a way let users edit their posts not in WordPress admin area?

Sorry, but that's not possible.

How do I allow authors to upload images?

Unfortunately, it's impossible in the author panel. But they can upload an image on the free image hosting (for example imageshack.us) and then paste a link on it.

Can you share or sell theme like on your site articless.com?

No, this theme is not for share or sale.

Version history

Version 1.3 (2011-01-16)

  • The author logged in through the wp-login.php page now automatically redirected to the author panel.
  • Added the option “Show text editor”.
  • Fixed the problem, when the visual editor was not appeared.

Version 1.2 (2010-10-16)

  • Fixed the problem, when articles gets the “scheduled” status instead of “published”.
  • Fixed a bug with the mb_strlen function.
  • Fixed errors, which appeared when “WordPress address” and “Blog address” differed.
  • Added new option “Default text editor” (HTML or visual).

Version 1.1 (2010-09-12)

  • Updated instructions for installing the plugin.
  • Added ability to select interface for authors: “WordPress admin area” or “Author panel”.
  • Added ability to automatically publish articles submitted by authors or send them on moderation.
  • Added the TinyMCE editor and HTML editor into the author panel.
  • Added styles for editors in the author-panel.css file.
  • Added function for the authorization form (see instructions for installing the plugin).

Version 1.0 (2010-09-06)

  • This version of the plugin is developed for WordPress 2.9 and higher.
  • Updated instructions for installing the plugin.
  • Radically altered the system of settings saving, this reduced the size of the plugin.
  • The possibility of authors to add articles and change their profile, bypass the WordPress admin area (see instructions for installing the plugin).
  • For the logged user, whose role is below the “Editor”, access to WordPress admin area is denied.
  • You can specify the minimum number of characters allowed to add an article.
  • You can specify the maximum number of links in the article.
  • Role Manager plugin (or similar) is no longer needed to work with the plugin.

Version 0.9.9 (09.27.09)

  • Fixed bug: subcategories disappeared if selected option “Sort categories list by your choice”.

Version 0.9.8 (06.22.09)

  • Added option “Forbid publication in parent categories?”.

Version 0.9.7 (03.07.09)

  • Improved block of article source code.

Version 0.9.6 (01.25.09)

  • Added new feature: ability to get source code of article.

Version 0.9.5 (01.04.09)

  • Now it’s possible to sort a list of categories by your choice. This will require the My Category Order plugin.
  • Plugin now works on WordPress 2.3 or higher (versions 2.1 and 2.2 are excluded).
  • Removed feature on redirects your on home page when clicking on the link “Exit” because this feature is built into WordPress 2.7.

Version 0.9.4 (11.29.08)

  • Changed the method of reading WordPress version. Therefore, the plugin now works correctly even if you use it simultaneously with third-party plugins replacing WordPress version.

Version 0.9.3 (10.05.08)

  • Fixed data base error: SELECT SUM(count) FROM wp_term_taxonomy WHERE taxonomy = 'category' AND parent =
  • Added French localization. Thanks to Le blogueur masqu?.

Version 0.9.2 (08.19.08)

  • Changes related to hiding unnecessary blocks from the authors.

Version 0.9.1 (07.25.08)

  • Fixed the bug, when articles with the statuses “Draft” and “Pending Review” were available to view.

Version 0.9 (07.19.08)

  • If not all subcategories is displayed according to options, the symbol “…” will be added after the list of subcategories.
  • Ability to add icons for parent categories. To do this, read the instructions above in the article.
  • Removed restrictions of functions in the administrative interface created by plugin for users up to the editor level.
  • The error, when at entering on a comments page in administrative interface the message “Restricted area” was deduced to all users, regardless of status, is corrected.
  • The message about the necessity to update WordPress is hidden from the authors.
  • By pressing the “Logout” link the user is redirecting to the home page of the site.

Version 0.8.1 (06.28.08)

  • Now it is possible to insert the “Terms of article publication” before the article edit form on “Write/Edit Post” page (terms are not shown for the administrator).
  • Since not yet found a way to show for author on “Comments” page only his comments, access to this page is closed for him.
  • The footer of admin interface is hidden from author as not the necessary element.
  • In the top block of Dashboard is hidden some site statistic info from the author. If you also want to delete all the widgets from the Dashboard, I recommend you to use Dashboard Widget Manager plugin.

Version 0.8 beta (06.13.08)

  • All the options transferred to the admin interface.
  • Possibility of translation of a plugin on other languages.
  • Functions of following plugins are integrated:

    Therefore, if you are using any of this plugins, they must be removed.

  • On “Manage Posts” page the author sees now only own articles.
  • On “Manage Comments” page the author does not see now such data, as e-mail and the IP-address of commentators.

Version 0.7 (05.22.08)

  • Added ability to display the specified amount of child categories (2nd level).

Version 0.6 (04.22.08)

  • Fixed incorrect counting the number of articles in parent categories in case they contain subchild categories.

Version 0.5 (04.11.08)

  • Added ability to output the additional list with links to categories RSS-feeds.
  • Made some changes in categories.css file for this page.

Version 0.4 (02.29.08)

  • Added ability to disable the output of subcategories.
  • Now it is possible of exception of selected categories/subcategories.

Version 0.3 (01.23.08)

  • Added ability to disable the “No categories” output messages, if the category does not contain subcategories.

Version 0.2 (01.19.08)

  • Added automatic sorting of parent categories.
  • There is a possibility to display the list of categories by columns.
  • Updated categories.css file.

Version 0.1 (01.07.08)

  • First release.

Author: admin

This author has published 19 articles so far.More info about the author is coming soon.

Соmmеnts (1,239)

  1. 1220

    Very nice plugin, i create a article directory articlegate.co.cc. i can’t able to create Author panel.
    please tell me step my step ?, where i have to paste author panel code

    • 1221

      Create a page with any name but with the “Author panel” template.
      Go to the Admin area of wordpress, select “pages” menu, just place the cursor on the page you had created for author panel. you will see the link in the status bar, the number appeared there is the ID of page of the author panel. mention it in Article Directory settings. Thats it

      • 1222

        @Abdul Momin: thanks for reply, I created a author-panel.php which consist of this code

        And upload it on root directory on server

        But It is not working ……………………………….

        I created a page in admin area and name it Author Panel, and ID of this page included in plugin.
        but when author registered, It didn’t show anything in Author panel………..
        Please help me ………..

        • 1223

          Select user role in “General settings” as “Author” and “anyone can register”.
          When creating the “Author panel” page select the “Author Panel” template from the right side Admin Area.
          If in any case problem not solved Restart & Follow the Installation instructions at the start of this page.
          I hope it will work

  2. 1224

    Hi Guys
    Trying my best ot set this up. Followed instructions and then the about us page returns cannot be found as does the author panel? http://www.submitarticlesfree.org/author-panel anyone have any ideas. I would pay $20 for someone to set this up for me. Please let me know

  3. 1225

    Please can someone fully setup this script on my website will pay $50 for complete setup

  4. 1228

    I can do it for free for you.

  5. 1230

    I got the plug-in installed and populated it with some parrent and child catagories, but when I view the front page it doesnt show any of the child catagories, only the parrents. Can someone please help me with this?


    • 1232

      @Bob: Hello Bob, Login with admin, go to Setting—->Article directory
      here you will find all option related to showing category and child category,
      for your problem ………………… find
      “Show the child categories:” select YES

  6. 1231
    James Smith

    I have setup my article directory and have it setup so that multiple categories can be selected by the article publishers. However when I create an article and try to select multiple categories (It says to press ctrl and click) it only allows me to select one.
    Are you meant to press something other than ctrl and click to choose more than one categories?

  7. 1235

    Anyone who needs help setting up the plugin and theme . You can Skype me: wilsonmaina

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