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About Author: The same type of video calling featured on popular sci-fi series Star Trek has become a reality to millions who regularly speak to each other over the internet for free, allowing families separated by the miles to keep in touch.

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How to economise on fuel

Published: October 25, 2008

If you drive on a regular basis then you will probably have noticed that it is costing you more to fill up on each occasion that you run low on petrol or diesel; and with …

Category: Cars

Prepare Well to Survive in an Ageing World

Published: October 25, 2008

The world ages every day as it travels through the solar system and so does everyone on it. In the UK the average age of the population is advancing, too. According to the Office of …

Category: Insurance

Choosing the Right Golf Clubs

Published: August 10, 2008

If you’re serious about golf then having a comfortable, quality set of clubs to play with is an absolute must. There are choices in the marketplace to suit every budget; irons make up the vast …

Category: Golf

The Law and Road Traffic Accidents

Published: August 8, 2008

The roads can be a dangerous place and it’s inevitable that road accidents will occur. While you might be lucky enough not to be involved in a road accident throughout your driving life, it …

Category: Cars

Rivers Cuomo: Rock’s Quirkiest Frontman

Published: August 8, 2008

Rivers Cuomo, born in 1970 in New York City, New York, rose to fame in 1994 when his band, Weezer, released their eponymous debut-album, also known as the Blue Album, spouting the hits Buddy Holly, …

Category: Music

Vienna: A Step Back In Time

Published: August 3, 2008

Whether it is a family holiday or just a passing visit on your travels, Austria is full of unique areas to visit. The popular capital city of Vienna in particular offers plenty of history, culture, …

Is Yellow The New Green?

Published: August 3, 2008

With the amount of retail packaging waste exceeding the 10million tonne mark each year, landfill sites are now overflowing as a result of unnecessary excess and non-biodegradable packaging.
The most infamous culprit of late is the …

Category: Society

Mine’s Harry, what’s yours called?

Published: August 3, 2008

If youve named your car George or Mildred, you’re not the only one. A recent website survey revealed that over 4.5 million Britons, equating to one out of five UK car owners, have given their …

Category: Cars