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About Author: The same type of video calling featured on popular sci-fi series Star Trek has become a reality to millions who regularly speak to each other over the internet for free, allowing families separated by the miles to keep in touch.

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What Is Life Insurance?

Published: July 28, 2008

An early form of life insurance can be traced back to Roman times when, because of the high costs of funerals, clubs were formed, known as ‘burial clubs’. The guarantee of such an organisation for …

Category: Insurance

Implementing Successful Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Published: July 25, 2008

When it first became economic to use computers for business, companies began searching for appropriate applications. While repetitive calculations, like the ones used for payroll, were no problem to the computer, when attempting to calculate …

Category: Business

Jewellery: Not Just A Girl’s Best Friend

Published: July 24, 2008

It has always been deemed as a fashion-conscious world for females, but the same is also increasingly becoming the case for men. There is now a genuine interest from a male perspective in fashion, and …

Category: Jewelry

Give Driving the Green Light

Published: July 24, 2008

Despite being the main mode of transport for many people, cars are often cited by environmentalists as a primary contributor to climate change; with around 30 million cars on the road in the UK, they …

Category: Cars

More Than Just A Game

Published: July 23, 2008

Since hosting the Rugby World Cup in 1999, the Millennium Stadium has quickly established itself as a world-class sporting venue and more importantly, has developed an enviable reputation as a rugby experience not to be …

Things You Need To Do When You Turn Fifty

Published: July 23, 2008

People react in different ways to the reality of reaching their fiftieth birthday. For some it is an event they would rather keep very low key, while for others nothing could be better than …

Category: Finance

Breaking Bones for a Living: The Johnny Knoxville Story

Published: July 23, 2008

Johnny Knoxville, born Philip John Clapp on March 11, 1971, first came into the public consciousness at the start of the millennium as ringleader of the ‘Jackass’ television programme. After graduating from high-school in …

Category: Celebrities