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About Author: The same type of video calling featured on popular sci-fi series Star Trek has become a reality to millions who regularly speak to each other over the internet for free, allowing families separated by the miles to keep in touch.

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Top tips for saving up a mortgage deposit

Published: July 8, 2008

Up until 2007, 100% mortgages were commonplace; in fact, 110% and 120% mortgages were also available, but since the credit crisis struck lenders have become a lot more strict with their lending conditions, with 75% …

Category: Mortgage

Licence To Drive: The Cars Of James Bond

Published: July 8, 2008

The personification of suave and sophisticated, James Bond is perhaps as well known for his love of cars as he is for his love of women. In fact, many of his cars live on in …

Category: Movies

Payday loans on the rise as credit crisis continues

Published: July 8, 2008

The number of people being forced to take out high interest, short-term loans has risen by more than 130 per cent since August 2007; a figure which analysts say is evidence that the effects of …

Category: Loans

Save yourself some hassle: Savings Accounts

Published: July 8, 2008

Amidst today’s economic uncertainty, many people have had to start looking at ways of making the most of their money. But before doing anything, finding a way to make sure that these finances are well …

Category: Finance

When is it Time to Wash Your Jeans?

Published: July 8, 2008

So you’ve had the same jeans on for, well you can’t quite remember, and yet you may still have plans on going to the pub or club with them on. While it’s not a question …

Category: Clothing

The pleasure of visiting Blackpool

Published: July 5, 2008

The UK is not only famous for its fish and chips wrapped in a newspaper, nor its English tea, but take a trip to County Lancashire in the North of England and you will find …

Category: Destinations

Spain’s Most Superior Holiday Destination?

Published: July 4, 2008

Barcelona is arguably Spain’s most stunning holiday destination; it is a true Mediterranean gem and basks proud in the spotlight. It is one of the most eye-catching cities with its striking architecture, grand landmarks (like …

History, Culture And A Dash Of Frivolity

Published: July 4, 2008

Edinburgh is the historic capital of Scotland, yet it is often overlooked for the bright lights and bustle of Glasgow. But take the time to get to know its cobbled old streets and you will …

Category: Destinations