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Basement Waterproofing In Indiana With ICE Guard

Author: mark b  |  Category: Home Improvement
Published: December 29, 2008

Leaky basements and problems with crawl spaces occur almost in all houses. Indiana homeowners face this problem more frequently and persistently as the climate and the soil of this region is very humid, often resulting in damp basements and water seepage into the lower rungs of a house. Basement waterproofing is a basement repair service that holds a place of prime importance for homeowners, especially in wet and humid regions like Indiana.

Wet basements almost always lead to cracked walls and weak foundations, with black mold and carpet mold growing in the crawl spaces. These days, basement repair services and their allied facilities like mold removal companies are thriving as business ventures. However, employing good basement waterproofing contractors is not easy, and should be employed only after a thorough market research. The home contractors might also be able to guide the homeowner with some experienced assistance in the search.

Waterproofing the basement or crawl space can be done in many ways, some of which are technical and some are manual. Sump pumps, crawl space vapour barriers and crawl space vent fans are some of the most popular technical gadgets used as crawl space dehumidifiers to maintain a dry basement. French drains, ‘tanking’, helical piers, crawl space liners and other types of basement drains help keep the basement clean of mold. But basement waterproofing becomes complex during the winters, when water in the pipes, sump pump discharge avenues and crawlspace drainage tend to freeze.

During such times, it is necessary to use Ice Guard to save your basement from flooding. Sump pump discharge lines, when frozen, can create major problems for any homeowner in Indiana as the weather is particularly harsh here during winters. This problem takes a worse shape than in other similar types of regions because of the harsh weather conditions in Indiana. The Ice Guard has perforations through which the water can get an exit point, the normal one being frozen or snowed shut. It is also useful when basement drainage lines get covered in snow or ice.

The fact that the Ice Guard system is completely automatic is another advantage for homeowners in Indiana. Homeowners can, therefore, pay more attention to foundation repair tasks and basement remodelling plans. It is energy-saving for the homes too. For a homeowner, basements are not usually the foremost concern as far as resale value and interior design is concerned. But a good, dry basement always enhances the complete look and the resale price of a house. Make sure to go for some of the most trusted basement repair companies for your basement waterproofing needs.

Crawl space moisture not only damages basements but also degrades the level of hygiene at home. So it is wiser to use all the available measures for guarding against basement water leaks in the houses in Indiana.

Jonathon Lester is the Webmaster of the basement repair company Indiana Foundation Service, which has been serving the homeowners of Indiana for years with quality basement waterproofing and repair systems. He has been highly instrumental in helping the people of Indiana fight the problem of water leakage that has plagued the state for over 100 years. Indiana Foundation Service is by far, one of the most sought after crawl space waterproofing contractors today in Indiana, USA. More information visit-http://indianafoundation.com/

Author: mark b

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