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Best Paper Shredders – Tips On Purchasing A Shredder For The Home Or Office

Author: joeart  |  Category: Home & Family
Published: October 25, 2010

Are you searching for the best paper shredders for the home or home office? There are some points which should never be forgotten as you search to get the paper shredder for your home office. Most people assume that all shredders do about the same things and it’s easy to buy one that works well. Nothing is further from the truth. This kind of jumping to conclusions often result in dissatisfied users with paper shredders which either get jammed too often or which work too slowly.

With that said, there are a several important things to keep in much for that best home paper shredder, such as the size of the throat, security level and what the shredder can shred. To find the best paper shredders for the home or office, consider the following:

Keep Looking Until You Find One With A 9 Inch Feed Opening

Consider medium duty paper shredders (deskside size) rather than small desktop ones. Medium duty shredders typically have a 9 inch throat for feeding in letter sized papers, as well as multiple pages (preferably 8 or more pages). They work well as home or office paper shredders.

Is the Shredder Able to Cross Cut, to Increase Security?

Another point of consideration is to get a cross cut shredder rather than a strip cut shredder for added security. Traditional shredders are strip cut ones and they reduce the paper into thin strips. Cross cut shredders, more formally referred to as Confetti shredders shred the paper in horizontal strips too along with vertical thin strips there by reducing the paper into tiny bits. Experts say that when given enough time and patience, someone can theoretically piece back shredded documents. But if your document has been cross cut, it multiplies the effort considerably and makes your data more secure.

For more information on the best paper shredders for the home or office, visit the best shredders site at bestshredders.net.

Author: joeart

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