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Business Networking: It’s Not Just What You Know, But Who You Know

Author: Bian Salins  |  Category: Networking
Published: November 13, 2008

Ideas and other people are key to business success regardless of the specific sector you work in; you either come up with the ideas yourself or are inspired by other people. If you can position yourself in an environment where both co-exist, then your ability to tap into the potential possibilities could transform your circumstances.

There are many benefits to engaging with like-minded business people: you can share ideas, comment on experiences, learn new things, ask relevant questions and gain helpful tips, as well as useful knowledge of the potential pitfalls of your line of work. Making an effort to seek out and meet people with similar attitudes and goals can save you time and money and, in some cases, prove the turning point in your career.

With convenience and efficient time management becoming a priority for us all, businesses are more commonly turning towards online resources to meet their networking criteria, and a little research will prove that meet and greet opportunities are varied and plentiful on the web. Whether it is via weekly or monthly online meetings, you have a chance to connect with a number of potential prospects for your particular product or service, as well as gaining an insight into how networking operates and what it can mean for you. The advantage is that this is all experienced from the comfort of your armchair.

The best online networking groups are thriving communities where members connect on a regular basis to exchange business leads, ideas and contact details with one another in an attempt to learn more efficient ways of networking to advance their own businesses. But while an online business network can be an excellent medium in getting your business name ‘out there’, to get the best from online business networking you will need to stand out from the crowd and your competitors. As such it is often best to be concise and memorable; preparation and a professional attitude allied to being patient and having something informed to say will give you the opportunity to both promote yourself and your business and pick up some helpful information.

The purpose of it all is to gain business contacts and to explain who you are and what you do to a wider audience. As your identity is onscreen, no business cards are required and the more recognition you achieve, the greater the chances that your business will grow through both direct contacts made through online business networking, but also offline through referrals.

Choosing to participate in online business networking is an effective way of gathering contacts, developing relationships, and helping others and your business. It is a process that takes time, but if approached in the right manner, your attitude, time and effort can lead to significantly increased business levels, making it a worthwhile and rewarding venture.

Bian Salins is the Managing Editor of BT Tradespace – an online community where businesses can advertise and sell products & services and everyone has the opportunity to shop, chat and share their opinion.

Author: Bian Salins

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