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Dry White Wine

Author: kristianphllps  |  Category: Wine
Published: August 19, 2009

There is nothing better than a glass of dry white wine after a long hot day at work. The wine tastes great, dry and refreshing and it makes you feel relaxed. So which of the dry white wines are the best to choose for your apr?s work drink?

There are three or four dry white wines that everyone has heard of and are staples in pubs and bars across the country. In this article we will look at these and some other classic white wines and hopefully point out the difference between them.


Probably the best known dry white wine on the shelves in bars, the name of this wine relates to the name of the grape. The chardonnay grapes are used in many different wines including the ubiquitous Champagne. However the chardonnay that we are familiar with in pubs and bars is often from the New World and is a strong tasting wine with a gutsy flavour. It is normally darker in colour than other white wines too. Great for an after work drink though – this will give you a strong taste as well as that refreshed feeling.

Pinot Grigio

Another fine dry white wine that is seen on wine lists across the country. This tends to be lighter in taste than a chardonnay and is something on the dangerous side as it can make you feel as if you are not drinking wine. This is a great wine to drink with chicken dishes or salads

Sauvignon Blanc

This wine has had a rebirth over the last ten years with the advent of the grapes successful production in the New World. Sauvignon Blanc is another light white wine but it has almost tart undertones, grapefruit and gooseberry flavours are the order of the day. It is a refreshing drink on a hot day.

There are many other types of dry white wine that are less prolific on wine menus across the country. There is for instance, Chablis, which is a very dry white wine. This is a very dry white wine which is made from a Chardonnay grape and is a wine that tastes great with fish. A Chenin Blanc is another white wine which makes a great after work drink.

The most important thing with wine though is to ensure that you have a wine that you enjoy so the important thing is that you enjoy the experience of drinking it.

For a range of dry white wine to suit every palette or just to investigate wines that are available online to buy go to www.laithwaites.co.uk


Fiona Muller has been writing for over 20 years. She is a qualified journalist and has worked in food and drink writing for the last few years, especially about dry white wine.

Author: kristianphllps

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