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Credit Crunch Bargains

Author: kristianphllps  |  Category: Wine
Published: August 19, 2009

Everyone loves a bargain. And with the Credit Crunch there are many bargains to be had. There are some really cheap products on the shelves at the moment but as with all sales it is important to know what a real bargain is and what is just something that is cheap and nasty.

There is also many a bargain to be had in wines as well as other products and this article will try and help you negotiate through the wine that is a real bargain and that which you should really leave on the shelf.

Many of the supermarkets have cut price offers at the moment; there are lots of three bottles of wine for ten pounds or cases of wine with 10% off.

However it is always best to look at the wines that are on offer before buying them. Some of them may be wines which come from mass producers and are therefore not going to be anything very special. Also some own brand wine can be not exactly what it says on the label o it is often a good idea to try one bottle of wine at home before buying a whole case of the stuff and finding out that you really don’t like it.

Some wines can be cheap because the supermarkets have overstocked and this is when you can get some really good deals – look for labels that you are not so familiar with and again give it a taste before buying if possible.

There are lots of great deals on wine available online. If you go to an independent wine retailer you can be sure of a great deal. They source their wine from a variety of producers and so you can be sure of being able to find something you like. An online wine retailer will have tasting notes available on each of the wines that they stock which will allow you to read up on wines that you fancy and then you can guarantee that you are getting something that you like to drink. Also there is the added advantage of having the wine delivered directly to your door so that you don’t have to use up precious energy carrying it from the car to your doorstep.

To look at an independent wine retailer online go to laithwaites.co.uk Here you will find a great range of wines to peruse and will be able to take advantage of some of the great deals that are currently available.


Fiona Muller has been writing for over 20 years. She is a qualified journalist and has worked in food and drink writing for the last few years, especially about wine for the credit crunch.

Author: kristianphllps

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