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Football Insurance : Making a Level Playing Field for Everybody

Author: arjun352  |  Category: Extreme
Published: January 22, 2011

Have you ever wondered who is the best person to take out a football insurance policy? Well, the answer is; anyone who has any kind of regular involvement with the game, either from a professional or an amateur perspective. A proper football insurance policy is capable of protecting anyone who may find his or her earnings or life style compromised in any way as the result of an involvement with the beautiful game.

At the amateur end of the spectrum, any form of serious injury sustained through football has a very real chance of seriously affecting a player’s earning power: not because he or she will stop earning money through the football that he or she can no longer play, but because the injury is likely to prevent the person from going to work at their day job. Football insurance can specifically protect policy holders against this kind of thing – which of course also means that it can offer protection to the family of a policy holder, where that policy holder may have been the main earner in the family unit. Football insurance is a way to make sure that a dedicated amateur is able to enjoy his or her involvement in the game – and so to live the life that he or she wants and needs to live – without families having to worry about what will happen if he or she gets injured.

Football insurance is equally important for non playing staff at every level of the game. Managers, coaches and agents are all reliant on the performance of other people (the players) for their income. As such, there is a greater degree of risk in terms of income security for an agent or a promoter than there would be in another walk of life. Again in order to safeguard a family unit against a sudden and insupportable drop in earnings, it is advisable for non playing football professionals to take out an insurance policy that is guaranteed to pay out against the often specialty circumstances of their profession.

For the top dogs, the pro players themselves, one might think that football insurance is a bit unnecessary. Anyone earning hundreds of thousands of pounds every year can presumably afford to take a sudden cut in earnings. This is of course not true. Footballers at the highest levels are notorious for their inability to comprehend the sums of money they earn – to such a degree that many of them lose the lot in short order not long after retirement. The retirement packages available as part of modern football cover are specifically tailored to ensure that the retiring footballer has his or her income protected during the transition period.

Furthermore, football insurance policies for players at the top end of the game can carry all sorts of contents insurance and even mobile contents insurance clauses that reflect the immense value of the possessions amassed by top flight players and their families. They will also protect against targeted burglaries and other forms of specialty risk.

Why take the chance of losing an income because of an involvement with the game? At any level, any person whose income may be affected by their involvement with football should be considering a football insurance policy.

Author: arjun352

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