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Fridge Spares and Washing Machine Spares Helping British Citizens Save Few Pounds

Author: arjun352  |  Category: Business
Published: January 22, 2011

Britain is coming out from under the ether at the moment. For more than 20 years this country has been convinced that the best way to deal with a kitchen appliance that isn’t working properly is to scrap the whole thing and get a new one. But then 20 years ago we weren’t in the grip of the most crippling recession in modern history. These days, when your fridge breaks you think twice before sending it to the knackers’ yard. You look instead for fridge spares or washing machine spares (or whatever, depends what is broken of course) and try and have them fitted to keep the machine you already own going on for as long as possible.

For most people, keeping the machines they already own up and running is literally their only option – and a very healthy option it is too. The days of freely available store credit have vanished, gone with all the other credit options we used to use to rack up mountains of unpayable debt. In place, we have this need to recycle the things we already own – to get spare parts in, to fix them and to keep them running. That’s great news for the environment, which is hit far less hard by people ordering up a few washing machine spares and fridge spares and keeping their current items alive and well.

It is great news for the independent trader as well – the man or woman who comes round to install your spare parts and get that washing machine or fridge back working again. Small businesses typically find recessions very hard to deal with – but this particular strand of small business enterprise has been lucky enough to have a sea change in the way people use their appliances happen at a time when they really need to keep afloat. Ordering fridge spares and washing machine spares online is much quicker than the old “go to the supplier and wait two weeks” model that small domestic jobs businesses used to follow. That means customers can be satisfied quickly and easily – and that means repeat business and a good reputation for resurrecting kitchen appliances at little cost.

Every small job these self employed maintenance people do adds up of course. If you order and install enough fridge spares and washing machine spares in any given month, your business will keep itself alive for another month. Through a recession that is great news. Since people started paying more attention to the existence of spare and after market replacement parts, the small business end of white goods servicing and supply has picked up enough pace to see it through.

There’s a point in here somewhere that suggests the tables may be turning for a while. Big business, which is all about persuading people to buy things they do not actually need, is taking a back seat – as people realise that not only do they not need them, but they cannot afford them either. Small business is back and doing well – supplying and fitting fridge spares and washing machine spares where they are needed and saving the world one appliance at a time.

Author: arjun352

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