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Foscarini O-Space the Lamp to Adorn You Living Room

Author: jaydenthomas  |  Category: Home Improvement
Published: September 28, 2010


When you need a novel way to decorate your living room, choose this Foscarini O-Space lamp. It really is a beauty with its design, the functionality and even the material used for the manufacture. It is made out of high density polyurethane that is being used normally for chairs and TVs. Its size too is perfect for use as a decorative addition to a living room.


Designed by Luca Nichetto and Gianpietro Gai in 2003 this beautiful Foscarini O-Space lamp takes the shape of a globe after a little flattening. There are two holes located at top and bottom like in many lamp shades. In addition to the two holes there are two more holes cut in the sides. While the first two holes are intended for the direct light to come out the two holes on the sides are intended to let the diffused light out. Colored high density poly urethane is the material used. The pendant lamps have been made by combining two colors one for the upper part and another for the lower part of the lamp. The bulb of this Foscarini O-Space lamp is placed at the bottom of the lamp to prevent glare of the light of the bulb falling directly on the face of a person sitting or even standing close to the lamp.


On the functional aspect this Foscarini O-Space lamp is very good. This is achieved by the two holes in the upper and lower end of the lamp and with the two holes on the sides. While the upper and lower holes lets the direct light out, the two holes on the sides will let the diffused light to come out. The direct light that falls on the floor and the ceiling too will reflect and scatter all over the room to fill the room with light. This means on functionality this Foscarini O-Space lamp is very good.


With its eye catching design and the colors this Foscarini O-Space lamp is going to be the house wife’s choice for the living room. Also they could be effectively used over the dining tables. Both places they are equally good on functionality as well as an aid to interior d?cor. Since this Foscarini O-Space lamp is such a favorite one with everyone don’t wait any more grab one now.

Author: jaydenthomas

I am Jayden Thomas, an Interior Designer from Bruxelles, Belgium. I love to read a lot about new modern and contemporary designs. I also like to write on them.

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