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Term Plan Insurance: A Must for Every Individual

Author: michaelsmith999000  |  Category: Insurance
Published: September 29, 2010

If we flip through the pages of history, the concept of insurance goes back to the Greek-Roman ages. The insurance was initially introduces in USA in late 1870’s. The actual purpose of the insurance was to secure the people’s family for some fixed amount. However, in today’s world the definition of insurance has changed a lot and is now vaster. There are a lot many types of life insurance available with added features in the market.

Insurance is actually a contract between the insured, beneficiary and the Insurance Company. The beneficiary gets the end benefit of insurance in the event of death of insured from the insurance company. Generally there are two types of Life Insurance: Term Plan Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance.
The Term Plan insurance is different from the whole life insurance in the sense that the benefit is provided only if the insurer dies in the fixed term of the policy. Whereas, the benefit is valid for the complete lifetime in whole Life insurance.

In order to get the affordable life term insurance, the first step is to compare the different rates from life insurance companies. While comparing the previous history of the company and the amount of death benefits should be considered. Although the benefits your age and how early you start, still by pulling the amount of death benefits you can compare the premiums. The only additional things you can look for the extra added benefits which you get from the policies with almost same premiums.

The various companies which provide the term insurance are: Aviva life insurance, Aviva Life Insurance, Birla, sun life insurance, ICICI prudential, National insurance, ICICI Lombard General insurance etc.

Although there are numerous types of term life insurance available in the market, a clear perspective can be made from policybazaar.com. The various policies with the decreasing term and renewal policies make big differences while selecting them. Also as the income increases you can convert your term policies into better policies.

However for more information or assistance you can always contact the representatives of policybazaar.com. You will not have to run yourself from various salesmen and do not have to pick these panicking calls from various salesmen. Your personal information is kept in a safe and secured manner and is never shared with anyone else.

In today’s demanding life the security of the family comes first and then there are other priorities on life. Especially when there are liabilities on one’s shoulders. And by purchasing one term insurance policy, one can easily forget this tension and can proceed towards achieving other goals in life.

Addy Smith is author of this article who is working with an insurance comparison site. In this article, he has discussed about term insurance and term plan. For more information, please visit the site: www.policybazaar.com

Author: michaelsmith999000

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