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Heritage Hotels: Experience the Life of Raj

Author: mark b  |  Category: Travel & Leisure
Published: August 26, 2010

India has a great history to tell. The Rajas, Nawabs and in later time the British have enriched the history of India. The palaces and forts build in this era still let us peep into the lives of these princes. Few years back we could only dream about how it would be to live life king size. But the heritage hotels have now made it possible for the tourists to taste the royal lives of the kings.

The name of Hyderabad comes up naturally whenever there is a mention of Royalties of India. The Nijams of Hyderabad hold a significant place in the history of the country. Hence, no wonder that tourists would be encouraged in experiencing the royal lives of the Nijams and demand for heritage hotels in Hyderabad would be high. Some of the best luxury hotels, therefore, are located in and around Hyderabad. These boutique hotels in Hyderabad are designed such to offer the best luxury to its guests.

The boutique hotels in Hyderabad are customized according to the needs of each of the lodgers to give them the experience of the life of Raj. The luxury hotels in Hyderabad ensure best accommodation and hospitality to the residents.

The luxury hotels Hyderabad are built in strategic locations to attract both the corporate executives visiting the city for business purposes and vacationing tourists who simply want to get a taste of the royal lifestyle. Therefore, you would find the 5 star hotel Hyderabad located both in the cities of Hyderabad and Secundrabad. The hotel sites would also ensure best connectivity by roads, rail as well as air.

The luxury hotels Hyderabad can be divided in the various categories of Heritage hotels and offer the finest accommodation and dining experience. The rooms of these boutique hotels in Hyderabad have the most modern furnishing, keeping in mind the requirements of the international guests. Also, one can taste the best Hyderabadi, Indian and international cuisine in these luxury hotels Hyderabad.

These hotels are such situated that the guests can tour the various historical places and other places of interest of the city conveniently. Some of these luxury hotels Hyderabad also arrange for sightseeing for the guests.

After long days, the boutique hotels in Hyderabad also offer exquisite spa treatment to the guests. You can enjoy the rejuvenating massages and other treatments in a spa hotel, which would surely add value to your staying at a 5 star hotel Hyderabad.

Heritage hotels are ideal for people who attach value to luxury accommodation while vacationing. A pleasure trip isn’t complete if you don’t experience the best staying outside your home. The boutique hotels in Hyderabad are just the answer when it comes to luxury hotel accommodation.

Author: mark b

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