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How Reliable Are Used Moulders?

Author: articlenic  |  Category: Business
Published: March 14, 2011

We usually buy something used to cut costs, hoping that its prior wear hasn’t compromised its quality. However when a pre-owned purchase is a big purchase, whether monetarily or in terms of need, it pays to do more than “hope” it doesn’t dissatisfy us. When it comes to professional woodworkers, purchasing a used moulder-a machine that uses profiled cutters to shape wood for many different products-is this type of purchase.

Which Are the Best Practices When Looking for Used Moulders?

When researching a brand new moulding machine, the most important question to ask is: Do you really need a commercial grade moulder, a just one that’s made to perform light commercial and domestic grade woodworking? In the latter case, purchasing a new moulder may be the most suitable choice, as light commercial grade and domestic models usually don’t give you a long lifespan, not to mention that their new prices are usually affordable. But in the case of commercial grade moulders which typically have an extended life span along with a high cost, buying used could result in receiving new machine quality at a used machine price, but only if you’re vigilant about searching for the best machines in a fashion that can determine their true quality.

How Will You Find the Best Used Moulder for the Price?

Getting a dependable used moulder follows the identical four-part process as finding other dependable used industrial woodworking machinery: (1) always buy from an expert seller of used woodworking machines, as amateur sellers might not have the expertise to judge a machine’s dependability; (2) check a seller’s record in the Better Business Bureau (BBB), avoiding sellers that have unresolved customer complaints; (3) request a copy of the machine’s official logged service history, avoiding machine’s whose maintenance records are spotty; (4) check out the equipment personally to assess its general state of wear and tear, or just have an expert 3rd party perform the inspection for you. Following these steps should help you acquire a a dependable used moulder that performs like new.

Can it Be Wise to Purchase a Used Industrial Moulder in Anticipation of Higher Production?

Once woodworkers discover ways to measure the quality of used woodworking machines, they often buy machines that don’t match their present needs, in anticipation that those needs will soon change. When considering whether to buy industrial machinery which you don’t presently need, it’s important to separate “anticipating” higher production and knowing that higher production will occur due to an increasing production demand. In the first case, buying used industrial equipment could result in a total waste of money, at least for the near future; while in the latter case the purchase would be justifiable.

Despite the fact that used industrial machines are cheaper than new machines, their price tag can still be significant. Therefore, before buying a used industrial moulder in anticipation of bigger business, ask whether you anticipate higher production as a result of your business plans, or if such production is legitimated by product demand, in addition to whether your current work setting could accommodate the machine you wish to buy.

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Author: articlenic

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