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Successful Treatment Plans to Combat Bulimia

Author: Keisha Nelson  |  Category: Disease & Illness
Published: March 16, 2011

About ninety percent of bulimia conditions occurs in young women, and this problem which affects eating behaviors can sometimes be fatal. People with this issue will consume abnormal quantities, and then they will intentionally force themselves to eliminate it in any way possible. Besides vomiting, you can find some people who use laxatives in abnormal amounts. Many bulimics have basically normal weight profiles at the beginning, yet they still think of themselves as fat. Several factors about the beliefs include highly negative feelings when it comes to fat and food. A common time for bulimia to appear is shortly after puberty occurs, perhaps several years following this change. Several additional psychological aspects include social pressures at school along with feelings of depression.

Harmful related conditions including being malnourished and badly dehydrated also can happen. There have been several high profile deaths due to the effects of bulimia. In the 1970s, vocalist Karen Carpenter dealt with this condition for some time. Her problem damaged her heart a great deal and it simply killed her. What is of primary concern is to do something about this without delay because it is feasible to successfully treat bulimia and overcome it.

Nevertheless, the untreated disorder can result in severe inadequacies of vitamins and minerals which lead to other problems. Furthermore, severe constipation can be a consequence of too much use of laxatives. Other related side effects are injury to throat and mouth tissue from the stomach acid. Dental problems are typical from the acid, and that can easily produce deterioration of tooth enamel in a short time as well as gum swelling. Then, there are possibly fatal injury to the kidneys and heart functions. Our bodies need a certain amount of electrolytes for overall health, and that’s what can be lost due to dehydration. When that happens, consequently that is the time when the heart can fail and also lead to fatality. The estimated fatality rate because of bulimia is normally ten percent.

The bulimic can get successful treatment by psychologists, psychiatrists and various other medical specialists. Many times the patient will be under the proper care of a registered dietician, and that’s so a nutritious and balanced diet can be offered. Professional counseling will work to end the pattern of binging and purging. It has been observed to succeed with some patients if they realize the harm this condition can bring about in their bodies. Frequently there are certain issues in the patient’s life, and they will be dealt with, also. A large percentage of bulimics will need to learn the way to express themselves and what is on their minds with other people, and that will help in the recovery procedure.

One of the important factors to beating bulimia is to take action on it as soon as practical. The patient will gain a lot if the parents and brothers and sisters can be there to offer supporting assistance in whatever fashion is needed. Further supportive attempts may consist of group therapy as the patient works to get well from the disorder. However, the critical first action is for the bulimic person to confess to the problem. Additionally it is imperative for this person to fully grasp that a very dangerous belief toward food and eating exists.

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Author: Keisha Nelson

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