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How To Market Your Business Through College Forums

Author: mark b  |  Category: Forums
Published: July 31, 2009

In this age of the Internet, marketing and promotion has consistently gained new definitions that had been hitherto unexplored. From internet marketing techniques to novel and innovative promotion methods, corporate organizations have decided to go all out in promoting their company and products in this ruthlessly competitive world. And for businesses that target the young consumer group, irrespective of the size, budget or workforce, Internet is one of the most potent media available. As a large majority of online visitors are teenagers and young adults, online portals that can capitalize on Internet as a marketing medium can gain a lot in the near future. Of the innumerable ways that a company can be promoted online, college forums and university forums are some of the most lucrative platforms for web promotion techniques. With a lenient approach towards moderation and editing, college forums can be used extensively for various promotional activities.

There are various ways of promoting a business through online college forums. For an instance, an apparel store can easily promote their latest clothing line on college forums via fictional members creating threads on the forum. But it is not enough to just create a thread and leave it at that. One must keep the thread growing with as many comments and reviews as possible, which will provide impetus to the promotion. Soft selling always works on college forums, as against hard sale and outright sales-oriented posts. It is better to provide links to images of your products on photo online sharing sites with indirect stories and posts on college forums. A great picture slideshow on London’s life or on a genre of cult music on a photo online sharing website can have your ads imprinted on them, with intelligently placed links in college forum threads. Also, university students’ forums, while organizing fests can have their sponsors’ advertisements placed strategically within the online university forum. This will not only generate leads, but will also build a great campaign that climaxes in the actual event organized by the college forum!

Links from the college forums leading directly into your website can also be placed, albeit with a soft tone. Inviting members of the college forums to share albums and pictures online with the links rerouting the visitors through your site to the actual photo online sharing site is also an effective method. Moreover, hiring college students and university alumni to post promotional material onto the forums is another way of indirectly selling your products to the designated consumer group. A lot of companies that have adults as their main consumer group use the college forums to address the kids’ parents. This is an indirect but useful strategy as many parents often frequent their son’s college forum online to check on any misdemeanor or issues concerning the latter. While promoting any subject, one should always remember that the theme of the promotional material should deal with something that interest the youth, even if it figures on the dark sides. Using direct overtures to sell is a sign of assured failure if employed on college forums.


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Author: mark b

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