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jQuery Post Preview WordPress Plugin

Author: admin  |  Category: Blogging
Published: June 22, 2009

jQuery Post Preview WordPress Plugin allows the live post preview on “Write/Edit post” page of WordPress admin area. It works on jQuery.

If you don’t like WordPress built-in Visual Editor (because it puts a lot of unnecessary tags or by any other reasons), but you want to have live post preview like in Visual Editor, this plugin may be useful for you.

Requires WordPress version: 2.5 or higher.


jQuery Post Preview WordPress Plugin

Version: 0.2 | Last updated: 2012-2-18


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  1. Upload jquery-post-preview folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Deactivate Visual Editor in your user profile.
  4. That’s all.

Version history

  • Version 0.2 (02.18.12): changes to work with WordPress 3.3.
  • Version 0.1 (03.27.09): the initial version.

Author: admin

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Соmmеnts (15)

  1. 1

    Hi there

    Just wondering if this gives you a preview using the stylesheet the site uses so that it actually looks as it would look when published. if not, I’m a bit confused as to its use…

    Would love to be enlightened :)



  2. 2

    No, it does not use a site stylesheet. It shows the same thing as a built-in Visual Editor.

  3. 3

    Does this plugin help us to preview the post we are composing? Is it same like previewing the article before publishing? Then I think I’ll have to download and see this plugin in action. I was also looking at the comment preview plugin, how does that work? I think it would be better if you can include a screenshot so it will be easier to understand what the plugin will actually do.

  4. 4

    Is it same like previewing the article before publishing?

    See my previous comment.

    I was also looking at the comment preview plugin, how does that work?

    Read description on a plugin’s home page.

  5. 5

    Dimox how can i use this plugin article directory theme.so that user can preview the article before publishing it.

  6. 8

    Where i can find theme for article directory plugin?

  7. 10

    Hi Dimox,

    Just writing to let you know that the plugin doesn’t work anymore since wordpress 3.3.1

    Any chance you could release an update?



  8. 14

    Hi Dimox,

    I’m looking for an input form for my blog page site. The one users/members can click on my site to submit their posts (choose category and input title, subtitle, article, photo, video, tags). Just like this “Leave a Reply” form but can allow users to submit a photo and video.

    Can your plugin do this?.

    Thank you.



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