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Personalising Charity Products to Raise Awareness

Author: mark b  |  Category: Society
Published: April 3, 2010

Charity fundraising is one of the best ways to raise money for a cause. Raising a regular amount of money is vital to many organisations just to keep them going. Fundraising is necessary for most non-profit organizations, as well as for numerous church and school groups and clubs. The main motive behind such charity events is to spread awareness about the cause.

Most fundraisers are able to raise money during these events but they fail to spread the awareness of their cause. However a few smart steps taken can not only let you raise money but also strengthen your cause by raising awareness of it.

Stamp your cause – While selling charity fundraising products, try to stamp your cause over it. The product should clearly carry the message of your cause. Prominently place the name of your organization over the product and have a catchy tagline to attract donors. Remember you might need to raise funds for your cause again and might have to go back to the same donors.

Be creative – Gone are those days when charity events and fundraising products used to be boring. If you are a part of a college fundraising event than think out of the box and do something crazy with your products to promote your cause. If you are with a religious fundraising event than the products have to be a little sober yet creative.

Be imaginative – Although many consider a charity fundraising product symbolic, it is far from true. Be imaginative with your fundraising product so that the donors find it attractive.

Theme your product – Try and theme your product with the nature of your cause. This will be one of the best ways to spread awareness for it. If you are trying to raise funds for the cause of children, having toys as your product may prove to be ideal whereas in case of a national cause, a product like a national flag will suit the cause.

Product quality is important – Choose your fundraising product well and it should never be taken for granted. Remember a bad product will not only bring in a bad name to your organization but may also dent your cause forever. Any fundraising product should be high on quality.

Promote your charity events – It is very important to promote your charity events to draw maximum attention of your donors. Place charity collection boxes and charity collection buckets at strategic places at the event venue. The charity collection boxes and charity collection buckets should attract the donors clearly reflect the cause of the event.

Packaging – Many consider this as the least important thing to consider while selling a fundraising product but this can serve as one of the best methods to raise awareness about your cause. A box or packet in which your products are packed gives you ample space to write a small note about your cause and what your organization has been doing.

These simple things can go a long way in raising the awareness of your cause among the masses and ensure you regular flow of funds for your cause.

Author: mark b

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