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Why is a Risk Management Consultant Necessary?

Author: mark b  |  Category: Environmental
Published: April 3, 2010

It is famously said “Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy.” Assessing the safety of your property can often proves to be the difference between life and death. Hiring the service of a professional Risk Management Consultant is the ideal solution for you. A professional risk management consultant specializes in assisting you in the prevention and control of risks associated with fire, air quality and water in your residential or commercial property.

Fire Risk Management

The UK Government has made fire risk assessments mandatory for any commercial or residential complex. This law has been framed keeping in mind the safety and well being of the people. According to the law the employers have to ensure the safety and security of the employees and regularly conduct the Fire Risk Assessment. The local fire authorities should cross check this assessment regularly. Following are the major areas to focus on in Fire Risk Assessment for your business.

Source of the fire – Accidents can take place anytime and anywhere. But a few assessments can minimize damage and save valuable lives. In a commercial or residential complex you should identify the possible sources of fire. Avoid keeping combustible products near such sources. Electrical circuits should be checked from time to time.

Take precautions – After identifying the possible sources of fire risks, these should be removed or necessary steps should be taken to avoid any accident. It is also necessary to review all the safety precautions from time to time to check their functionality.

Evacuation process – A well managed evacuation system can save lives and should be there in any office or residential complex so that during such hazard people can be rescued or evacuated without making the process a mess. As people tend to panic it is necessary to keep a systematic evacuation method so that situations can be handled in an organized manner. Attention should be paid on those people who will not be able to rescue themselves like children and aged people.

Fire Risk Assessment consultants bring in their expertise to handle fire accidents. They install fire detection systems like flame or smoke detection systems, manual call points, evacuation systems and other important things. They cannot guarantee against an outbreak of fire but can definitely save more lives and property.

Water Risk Management

Water is one of the most popular carriers of germs. Legionnaires’ disease is one of the most common disease caused by Legionella. The Water Risk Management thus becomes very important tool in having a hygenic commercial and residential complex.

Water Treatment – It is the first major step in fighting waterborne diseases. It involves installation of proportional chlorine dioxide dosing systems, hypochlorite dosing, ionization units. Cooling towers and evaporative condensers are also used for water treatment.

Legionella Management – Exposure to Legionella bacteria can prove to be costly. To prevent this temperature of the sentinel outlets should be monitored monthly. Shower head should be de-scaled regularly.

Tank Cleaning – Germs thrive on dirty tanks and thus it is important to clean the tanks regularly and seek the service of water risk management consultants. Over storage of water in the tanks should be avoided and they should be properly balanced. Silt and scale should be cleaned from time to time and tank lids should fit properly.

New Water System – The British Standard BS6700 which deals with flushing and disinfection of water services should be implemented. It also deals in disinfection procedure and other safety requirements.
Remedial Plumbing – Plumbing should be done only by professionals and should be carried out in accordance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.

Air Risk Management

Air Risk Management is one of the most vital ones as contaminated air can prove to be more fatal than even water. Inspection, maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning and extraction ductwork are essential to ensure a safe and healthy atmosphere. Poor air management in any commercial or residential property can also lead to major fires. Some of the things that an air risk management consultant takes care of are:

Cleaning air ducts – Most modern residential and commercial buildings have air ducts and thus it is important to keep these air ducts clean regularly.

Compressed air removal – Many modern appliances need compressed air for their functioning. However they should be cleaned only by professionals to avoid leakage.

Fire Risk Management, Water Risk Management and Air Risk Management can go a long way in ensuring us a safe and healthy commercial and residential complex. This job should be left to the risk management consultants as they have expertise in handling the job.
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Nemco are risk management consultants, in UK offering advice on risk assessment associated with air, fire and water.

Author: mark b

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