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The Pick of Hotels in Bath UK

Author: arjun352  |  Category: Business
Published: January 23, 2011

Bath is one of the best cities in the United Kingdom for a quick break. It has style, it has class and it has sophistication; and you can walk from one end of the city centre to the other in 20 minutes. Perfect for walking and shopping, for drinking and hanging out, Bath is a wonderful location for a long weekend break. Which is probably why the hotels in Bath UK are some of the entertaining and exclusive in the country. A Bath spa hotel break is an experience in itself – so if you want somewhere really special to stay in one of Britain’s most special cities then treat yourself to a few nights in the pick of Bath’s hotels. Go spa and you won’t regret it.

The obvious advantage of staying in a spa hotel is that you get pampered by default. Use the onsite health and relaxation services to get yourself in tip top form for a night out – or to unwind after a hard day spent beating the pavements in search of that boutique bargain. The hotels in Bath UK are of course the ideal bases from which to explore some of the best shopping holidays in the country and for this precise reason. Shopping is a lot more tiring than most people realise – and the only way to enjoy it in bulk is when you know you don’t have far to stagger with all the bags you have acquired and that when you get there a nice soak in an amazing bath will be waiting for you.

The other great thing about a Bath spa hotel is that it is usually to be found in close proximity to the grandfather of all spas – the Thermopylae in the city centre. Bath is named after the Roman baths that the town once centred around – baths that still work, and which millions of tourists flock to every year. The decor in most of the spa hotels in Bath UK reflects this heritage – seamlessly blending classic Roman styles with the most modern of designs and conveniences. That means a weekend shopping trip with as much old world beauty as new look excitement – the ideal antidote to the post Christmas blues.

Top tips for a long weekend spent in the pick of the Bath spa hotel selection: take a day to shop, a day to hit the trendy wine bars and eateries, and a day to get the pampering of a lifetime. Maybe even hit one of the city’s exclusive after hours clubs on a Saturday night – then enjoy a long leisurely breakfast on the Sunday before spending the afternoon surrounded by massage oils and towels.

While all of the hotels in Bath UK offer a raised standard of decor and attention, some are of course better than others. Head right into the city centre to discover some hidden bijou gems down quiet backstreets that are literally a stone’s throw from the Thermopylae itself. Enjoy getting lost in one of Britain’s oldest cities – thanks to the Bath spa hotel.

Author: arjun352

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